Dorset solar installer partners with German firm for home electric storage

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Dorset solar installer partners with German firm for home electric storage

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 10:08am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Grassroots Solar of Dorset has announced an exclusive partnership with industry leader sonnenBatterie, Inc, an energy storage solution company based in Germany. A dominant player in Europe, sonnenBatterie has recently entered the US market. The sonnenBatteries work with new or existing solar systems to store excess power, feed the household’s electrical needs when the power is out, and allow homeowners to reduce or eliminate their use of electricity from the grid during peak periods. sonnenBatterie has chosen Grassroots Solar of Dorset as their only partner in Vermont and adjacent upstate New York. The sonnenBatterie system is a direct competitor of the recently launched Tesla home battery system. Tesla initiated its first utility partnership with Green Mountain Power earlier this year.

Bill Laberge, President of Grassroots Solar of Dorset, stands next to a sonnen back-up battery they recently installed in Londonderry. Grassroots is now the only sonnenBatterie, Inc distributor in Vermont. Grassroots Solar photo.

Grassroots Solar’s mission is “to provide clean, affordable energy for all,” said Bill Laberge, President of Grassroots Solar,. He said this fits perfectly with his company’s goals of giving customers energy independence by harvesting the sun’s energy and storing it with the sonnenBatterie system.

“Their back-up battery systems are among the best in the world, and we are honored to be their exclusive residential and commercial dealer in Vermont,” Laberge said.

Each sonnenBatterie uses intelligent energy management software to automatically control solar energy consumption, storing excess solar electricity for use later in the day and providing backup electricity in the event of a utility outage. The batteries can also be charged with a standby generator, and may also be used with homes powered by the grid.

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Founded in Germany in 2010, sonnen, Inc opened their US operations in California in January 2016. With over 12,000 systems installed globally, sonnen is a proven leader in energy storage technology. They are designed in Germany and manufactured in California. Laberge said Grassroots Solar is the smart, local choice for Vermont and neighboring counties in New York. Grassroots represents and installs top end products including sonnenBatterie, SunPower panels and AllEarth Renewable trackers. 

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