16 school districts and SUs volunteer for Education Quality Review pilot

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16 school districts and SUs volunteer for Education Quality Review pilot

Fri, 09/04/2015 - 11:52am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Agency of Education has announced the 16 supervisory unions and districts that have volunteered to be a part of shaping the course of the Education Quality Review process by piloting the Integrated Field Review during the 2015-2016 School Year. "These participating educators will contribute to drafting the protocols and procedures that define Vermont's commitment to educational equity and quality for years to come," said Amy Fowler, Deputy Secretary at the Agency of Education.

The Agency will carry out three sessions of pilots in different regions of the state throughout the school year. Agency staff, local educators and students will participate in a process to inform the final creation of the state's Education Quality Review system, which will go into effect officially during the 2016-2017 school year. This EQR system is designed to meet state and federal accountability requirements, in addition to providing state and local education officials with critical information about school performance and equity.

"Through the Education Quality Reviews, we will build a common understanding across Vermont of what all students, regardless of geography or demography, are getting and need to get from their schools," said Fowler. "These reviews will help us all work towards high quality and increased equity."

The supervisory unions and supervisory districts participating are:

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union

Blue Mountain School District

Essex-Caledonia Supervisory Union

Essex North Supervisory Union

Grand Isle Supervisory Union

Lamoille North Supervisory Union

Lamoille South Supervisory Union

Montpelier School District

North Country Supervisory Union

Orange Southwest Supervisory Union

Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union

Rutland Central Supervisory Union

Rutland Southwest Supervisory Union

Washington Central Supervisory Union

Washington West Supervisory Union

Windsor Central Supervisory Union


In 2013, the Vermont State Board of Education adopted the Education Quality Standards (EQS) as required in Title 16 of Vermont statute. These standards established proficiency-based learning, flexible pathways to graduation, safe school environments, high-quality staffing and financially efficient practices as the cornerstones of educational programming in the state. Combined with Act 77 of 2013, these standards ensure students participate in a range of learning activities including service-learning, work-based learning, career and technical training, dual enrollment and early college, and other locally developed learning opportunities.

Education Quality Reviews (EQRs) will allow the Agency of Education, the State of Vermont and local communities to determine how well Vermont schools are delivering on the promises set forward by EQS. The Agency will evaluate schools by measuring five dimensions of school quality: Academic Achievement, Personalization, Safe School Climate, High-Quality Staffing and Financial Efficiencies.

The Agency will use two complimentary processes for assessing these criteria, an Annual Snapshot Review and an Integrated Field Review. Each year the state will gather quantitative data in the Annual Snapshot Review, such as assessment results and access to course offerings. This data will be examined for overall performance and to assess the degree of equity for students between the supervisory unions/districts and between schools.

At least every three years starting in 2016, school systems will participate in an Integrated Field Review, which is what the pilot program will explore. Teams of students, educators and Agency staff will engage in classroom observations, reviews of student work, panel discussions or interviews with parents, students and staff and collaborate to generate their assessments of school system performance. Reports will be published and will include a summary of the data collected, commendations, recommendations and assessments of performance.

Source: Agency of Education http://education.vermont.gov/education-quality-review#pilot.