Vermont nonprofits among PC Construction's 55th anniversary awards

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Vermont nonprofits among PC Construction's 55th anniversary awards

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 7:15am -- tim

At its headquarters in South Burlington, PC Construction announced Tuesday the five winning organizations in its 55th Anniversary donations giveaway. The Top 5 organizations were selected based on a public vote which began on September 11. In the three-week voting period, over 10,000 people voted. Two Vermont organizations were among the winners.
The winning organizations, with percentage of votes received, are:

Champlain Valley Family Center, NY (29.6% of votes)
Lake Champlain Committee, VT (16.2% of votes)
Foodbank of Southeast Virginia and the Eastern Shore, VA (15.4% of votes)
The Daniel Center for Math and Science, NC (11.4% of votes)
Committee on Temporary Shelter, VT (9.7% of votes)

Connie Wille, Executive Director, Champlain Valley Family Center, and Kevin McCarthy, president and CEO of PC Construction. VBM photos.
Each of these organizations received a $5,500 donation in recognition of PC Construction’s 55th anniversary and the company’s long history of giving back. The contest began with PC’s employee-owners selecting their 10 favorite non-profit organizations in the communities where they work. From that Top 10, the winners were selected from a public vote to determine the final five winners.   
"The communities in which we work have provided a tremendous amount of support throughout the 55 years we've been in business," said Kevin McCarthy, president and CEO of PC Construction. To celebrate these relationships we asked our clients, business partners and members of the community to select five organizations to receive a donation. It is our way of saying thank you for the many years of collaboration."
‘We were floored with the response to our donation giveaway,’McCarthy added. ‘All 10 of these organizations support such critical needs in our communities and we commend them for their commitment to helping others. This was a fantastic way for us to give back while allowing the communities in which we’ve worked for decades to be part of the process. It means a lot to PC Construction to have had over 10,000 people help us celebrate our 55th Anniversary.’
"The Champlain Valley Family Center is an outstanding agency that has serviced the community tirelessly to improve many lives over the years. I am proud to request assistance for them," wrote one voter. "Thank you to PC for all you do for the many communities you have impacted over the years."
"COTS serves many homeless people in Vermont and has great programs," another voter wrote. "Eight years ago they helped my family, and it is so clear we need to get a handle on homelessness in this country. We are so fortunate in Vermont to have COTS. Thank you PC for being so generous with your funding."
Gary Kjelleren, LCC Chair, listens as Lori Fisher holds a mason jar of Lake Champlain water, as a sample to test for blue-green algae in the lake.
Lori Fisher, executive director of the Lake Champlain Committee, said their award will go to blue-green algae monitoring. At high levels, the algae can become toxic. Algae levels are closely related to the amount of phosphorous in the lake. She said the LCC has "worked over 50 years to protect its health and its accessibility."
On of the large parts of PC Construction's business is waste-water treatment plants. For PC, McCarthy said, "Clean water is a big part of what we do."
For COTS, Rita Markley, Executive Director (pictured) said that with the recession her agency has had to take in more children. This money, she said, will go to programs and activities that will will be encouraging and fun.
"The hardest thing for children is to stop believing good things are ahead," Markley said.
The other contenders were the Cancer Patient Support Program in Vermont, Easter Seals Champions for Children in Georgia, Center for Grieving Children in Maine, Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Maryland and Willing Hands in New Hampshire.