Downtown Transit Center to offer gigabit wifi hotspot in Burlington

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Downtown Transit Center to offer gigabit wifi hotspot in Burlington

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 3:39pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Burlington Telecom has partnered with Green Mountain Transit to provide free, gigabit-capable wifi to commuters and GMT employees using the new Downtown Transit Center, set to open on October 13. A reliable high speed Wi-Fi connection on the Downtown Transit Center platform will improve the customer experience, allowing passengers to use their wait time more effectively as they work, connect with friends, or download an e-book to enjoy on the ride. The hotspot is just one of the many increased passenger amenities that will improve the quality of service GMT provides to its passengers at the DTC. Other features include: ADA accessibility, longer customer service hours, indoor restrooms, a climate-controlled indoor waiting area, real-time bus information along with customer information screens, radiant heat on the platform, and protection from the weather.

“The opening of the new Downtown Transit Center is a much needed development for the many who commute to and from Burlington daily, and provides an exciting opportunity to highlight Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as an accelerator for economic, educational and community benefit. We have enjoyed a long standing partnership with Green Mountain Transit and see this expansion as an opportunity to provide an essential civic service that is far better than most you will find in the US.” Stephen Barraclough, General Manager, Burlington Telecom

“GMT is honored to expand this valuable partnership with Burlington Telecom to include our new Downtown Transit Center. The high speed internet connection on the platform is a valuable passenger amenity, this is thinking bigger and better. Together GMT and BT are creating the 21st century transit system Vermonters deserve.” Karen Walton, General Manager, GMT.

Source: 10.11.2016. Facebook, Twitter @BT_VT and Instagram at BT_VT.

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