Matt Dunne pushes transparency and ethics agenda

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Matt Dunne pushes transparency and ethics agenda

Fri, 05/13/2016 - 10:51am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne said Thursday that his first priority as governor would be to rebuild trust in Montpelier through significant transparency and ethics initiatives. Dunne’s plan includes establishing a strong ethics commission, eliminating direct corporate contributions to campaigns, establishing monthly campaign finance reports, requiring assets disclosures for all legislative and statewide candidates, instituting a two-year cooling off period before state officials are allowed to lobby or work in the sector they were overseeing, and reforming the public financing system to encourage candidates to use low dollar contributions to fund their campaigns.

Dunne said, “Our state is in danger of losing our position as a progressive leader, because we are in danger of Vermonters losing trust in their government.  That trust is the foundation that allows us to continue building on our legacy of progress.  And when that foundation cracks -- when people lose trust in their government, when they stop believing government has their interests at heart -- progress grinds to a halt. ”

Dunne said, “To build a house, you have to trust the foundation, and we are at a moment in time where our foundation is shakier than I can remember it being in my lifetime. We still have good intentions and noble ideals, but we need to do some work on the foundation of our government before we can act on them.”

Dunne, a former state senator, will face former Vermont Transportation Secretary Sue Minter in the Democratic primary in August. The Republicans are running businessman Bruce Lisman and Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott.

Montpelier, VT - May 12, 2016