Douglas, Mazza support Scott for governor

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Douglas, Mazza support Scott for governor

Fri, 03/11/2016 - 2:47pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Republican Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott landed two high profile endorsements today in his campaign for governor. Former Republican Governor Jim Douglas and Democratic state Senator Dick Mazza (Colchester) sent a letter to supporters through Scott's campaign email listserve. The letter is penned by Douglas with both signing. Scott leads in early polling to win the election. A recent VPR poll has him ahead in the GOP nomination against businessman Bruce Lisman and in the general election against either of the two leading Democrats, former Transportation Secretary Sue Minter and former state senator and Google executive Matt Dunne. The letter also asks people to donate to the campaign and includes pictures of Douglas and his wife Dorothy and one of Mazza.

The letter reads in part:

"Senator Mazza and I have served together since 1973 when we were both first elected to the state legislature. From the beginning we have belonged to different parties, but we always worked together to do what was best for Vermonters. Serving Vermont is a great honor, but it is also challenging. Serving as a Republican governor, with a Democratic-controlled legislature, in the bluest state in the nation, requires strong, thoughtful, courageous leadership -- and a commitment to putting progress ahead of partisan politics.

Dorothy and Jim Douglas

"Our next Governor must understand the importance of both restoring balance in Montpelier and reaching across the aisle -- developing a consensus around common sense priorities is what it takes to truly get tough things done. Our next Governor must also be fully dedicated to focusing this effort on strengthening our economy and making Vermont more affordable for all Vermonters.  It is incredibly important that Vermonters elect the right person for the job.  As you and we both know, that person is Phil Scott! That is why we are asking you to help Phil's campaign today.

"We have known and worked with Phil for many years.  It's obvious to us -- and we know it is to you -- that Phil has the Vermont values and leadership qualities necessary to get state government on the right path of non-partisan fiscal discipline and a unified focus on economic growth.

"Phil has the vision and the right skills to lead Vermont toward a more affordable and prosperous future.  He has the character, and experience, to bring people together around common goals.  He has the humility to listen to Vermonters about their challenges today and their hopes for the future.  And he has the experience in business and in public service to achieve results the people of Vermont expect and deserve.  

"But before Phil can get to work, he needs help from all of us who believe in a common sense coalition to build a winning campaign.

Dick Mazza

"As we all know, winning takes resources -- resources to build a strong team, to travel the state, to place television and radio ads to share the message.  It is critical that Phil has the resources to build a strong campaign so Vermont can have a thoughtful, commonsense Governor who is focused on affordability and economic growth as the best way to invest in our needs, now and in the future.

"Vermonters deserve a Governor with the vision, leadership, skills, and experience to guide our state to prosperity.  We know that Governor is Phil Scott."

The endorsement is signed: Governor Jim Douglas (Republican) & Senator Dick Mazza (Democrat)


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