Blake Hill’s Marmalades take GOLD at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards

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Blake Hill’s Marmalades take GOLD at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 12:03pm -- katie

Blake Hill Preserves, specialist producer of chutneys, conserves, marmalades and preserves in Vermont is excited to announce its “Orange, Lime & Ginger” marmalade and “Seville Orange” marmalade have both won GOLD from over 2,000 entries at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards held at Dalemain Mansion, England. In 2014 Blake Hill became the 1st US producer to win Gold at the Awards, and to win another two Gold Medals in 2015 is a remarkable achievement for this young company.

Blake Hill’s latest Marmalade Awards are also hot on the heels of their phenomenal success at the US Good Food Awards. Only a few weeks ago, Blake Hill was in San Francisco celebrating their second consecutive win in the Preserves category for their chutneys, another special Blake Hill variety fast becoming a firm favorite of some of the nation’s top cheesemongers. “Orange, Lime & Ginger” marmalade, GOLD 2015; “Seville Orange” marmalade, GOLD 2015

Vicky Allard, Blake Hill’s co-founder and executive chef says: “It is true, we are a little obsessed with marmalade and have been working hard to develop our own unique approach to making this most traditional of British fruit spreads. We are therefore very excited and extremely honored to have our tireless passion for marmalade making recognized by some of the world’s leading experts in this field.”

This is the second year in a row that Blake Hill’s “Orange, Lime & Ginger” marmalade has taken Gold at the Marmalade Awards, making it a recurring favorite of the judges. However to have a US-made Seville Orange marmalade take Gold at the Awards is particularly special. 

Seville Orange marmalade, the very first citrus marmalade variety created in 1700s Scotland, is perhaps the most hotly contested category of all at the Awards and therefore a particular honor for a US-made marmalade to take Gold, especially with Seville Oranges grown in California.

Says Vicky, “To win Gold in the Seville category is especially exciting for us. We are incredibly particular about the quality of the fresh fruit we use for every batch of marmalade and our Seville marmalade is a Special Edition made only a few weeks of every year when fresh Sevilles are in season. Our entire Winter 2014/2015 production has already been snapped up by a legendary baked goods company, however Winter 2015/2016 is only a few short seasons away so we look forward to making many more jars very soon.”

Blake Hill’s marmalades are made from scratch from whole fresh citrus with no added pectin, citric acid, or any other additives so commonly found in other marmalades nowadays. With traditional hand-cut rinds for maximum flavor and character, they are delicious with both baked goods and savory pairings. Blake Hill’s 2014 Gold Medal winning “Orange Whiskey” marmalade makes a perfect pairing with a classic cheddar cheese.

Far from resting on their marmalade successes of the last few years, Blake Hill is constantly innovating. Fresh from their Test Kitchen is Blake Hill’s new 25% extra fruit Marmalade. Says Vicky, “We are now slicing 90% of the whole fresh citrus into fine cut rinds and slow-cooking to create an incredibly fruity marmalade juice that is also packed with lots of delicious rinds. It can be time consuming to make the very best marmalades, however we love what we do and always strive to make the very best we can.” Based on their record breaking Award wins, Blake Hill’s passion for making the very best certainly seems to be reaping dividends!


About Blake Hill: Vicky Allard and Joe Hanglin founded Blake Hill Preserves in 2009. They are third generation English preserve makers creating award-winning chutneys, conserves, marmalades and preserves in Vermont’s Green Mountains using only the finest fruits sourced from local farms when in season. Blake Hill products are made from non-GMO or organic certified ingredients without the use of commercial pectin, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings, artificial preservatives, thickeners or fillers. Blake Hill’s products are OU Kosher certified. Blake Hill is available in gourmet and specialty food stores and natural food chains including The Fresh Market, Central Market, di Bruno Bros., Whole Foods North Atlantic, and some of the very best independent specialty cheese and gourmet stores.