SunCommon installs 1000th home solar system

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SunCommon installs 1000th home solar system

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 4:07am -- tim

Business leaders, elected officials, SunCommon staff, and friends gathered Tuesday to celebrate SunCommon’s 1000th residential solar installation and the positive impact the company has made to Vermont’s economy. SunCommon’s 1000th customers, Micki and Stephen Woodruff, hosted the event at their Barre Town home while Peck Electric installers mounted the final panel of the family’s 18-panel array.

“SunCommon launched two years ago with a mission to tear down the barriers to solar, making it easy and affordable for all Vermonters,” said James Moore, co-founder of SunCommon, “Vermont homeowners are building our clean energy future on their roofs, all the while keeping their energy dollars in the local economy. This is a rooftop revolution, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Boasting the highest percentage of solar jobs per capita, Vermont’s economy is feeling the benefits of the growth in the solar industry. “From farming to tourism, we’re proud of Vermont’s diverse economy,” said Patricia Moulton, Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development. “Through the installation of these 1,000 home solar systems, SunCommon has created nearly 100 jobs and brought $30 million into the local, green energy sector that would have otherwise been spent on dirty or out-of-state energy.”

Jeff Peck, president of Peck Electric, SunCommon’s installation partner, was there to recognize the expansion of his own business. “We have been an electrical company for decades. Creating a partnership with SunCommon has allowed our solar business to expand – adding 30 new jobs in the last two years. This means more jobs for electricians, roofers and engineers in Vermont.“

In addition to the direct creation of jobs, SunCommon regularly does business with over 100 Vermont companies, including Ecofasten Solar based in Morrisville.  Ecofasten manufactures the attachments that connect solar arrays to the roof and ships these gadgets across the United States. “We celebrate our location in Vermont,” said Graham Rae of Ecofasten.  “As SunCommon and other solar companies around the country grow and demand more of our products, we have built partnerships with other local manufacturers to fill the orders.  It’s great to do business in this state.” 

Chris Pierce, the owner of SunCommon’s first-ever solar installation, offered his perspective, “It’s no surprise to me that SunCommon serves 1,000 homeowners. The program is truly a no-brainer. Solar is great for so many reasons, but when you get down to brass tacks and start saving Vermonters money, the only question is: why not?”

Source: SunCommon 12.2.2014