National cannabis experts gather in Montpelier to talk medicinal benefits

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National cannabis experts gather in Montpelier to talk medicinal benefits

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 3:09am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Later this week Vermont will take center stage as cannabis experts from across the United States gather to discuss the industry during the Healing Powers Of Cannabis. Conference at the Vermont College of Fine Arts starting Saturday September 15th. The event will feature a wide range of topics including panel discussions on the State of Cannabis in New England and how commercial and cottage industries in Vermont can coexist. 

Champlain Valley Dispensary CEO, Shayne Lynn and Director of Sales and Product Development, Bridget Conry will be among the panelist for these two important discussions they hope will educate the public. 

“One of the most important roles medical cannabis dispensaries have is to continuously educate our patients and medical professionals about the ever changing landscape of our industry. It’s still such a new thing that continues to evolve month after month and we know people have a lot of questions,” said Conry, who oversees product development and the rigorous testing standards at Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness. 

“We are so excited to have so many knowledgeable people in our industry come together to talk about the issues that matter the most in an effort to not only educate the public and those that touch our industry but to move it forward in a meaningful and successful way that benefits everyone,” said conference organizer, Jane Bothwell. 

The goal of the conference is to aid health care providers and medical professionals, herbalists, growers, and the general public in making responsible, effective and educated decisions regarding the medicinal application of Cannabis. The Conference will focus primarily on medicinal applications, organic cultivation and preparation of high quality medicinal Cannabis products. 

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About Champlain Valley Dispensary/Southern Vermont Wellness 

Champlain Valley Dispensary/Southern Vermont Wellness (CVD/SVW) unites Vermont’s artisanal approach with the science of plant-based medicine to produce safe, compliant, high quality medical cannabis products. CVD/SVW has operated the dispensary in Burlington since 2013 and in Brattleboro since 2014. By providing professional, compassionate care and earning the trust of over 3,000 registered patients, CVD/SVW has grown to be the largest dispensary operator in VT with new locations in Middlebury and South Burlington. CVD/SVW recognizes that medical cannabis is a rapidly developing market and is committed to a continuous process of learning and improving in serving the needs of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Source: Champlain Valley Dispensary/Southern Vermont Wellness. 9.11.2018. To learn more about Vermont’s Medical Marijuana program,