Olson: Home health care strengthens community

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Olson: Home health care strengthens community

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 8:17am -- tim

by Jill Mazza Olson Executive Director, VNAs of Vermont It used to be that towns employed town nurses to provide care for residents. Town nurses met the varied needs of the broad range of people in their care by being autonomous and flexible, creating deep relationships with their patients and making home visits when necessary.

Over the years and with support from the cities and towns we serve, Visiting Nurses Associations (VNAs) took on the role and today, VNAs care for children, adults, seniors, and families, helping keep people where they most want to be—at home, regardless of their ability to pay. While care needs have changed and VNAs now provide sophisticated and innovative care, nurses and other home health care professionals still rely on the autonomy and flexibility that made the town nurses so strong, and they still create strong bonds with the people they serve.

Each year on Town Meeting Day, voters across Vermont allocate funding to help ensure that everyone has access to the home health and hospice care they need. These allocations and the generous donations of individuals in each community are critical to making home health care possible. Help make sure everyone has access to the dedicated and highly skilled expert staff of
nurses, therapists, social workers, licensed nursing assistants, care attendants and hospice volunteers of Vermont's VNAs. Vote on Town Meeting Day.

If you will be out of town, or are unable to go to the polls, you can request an "early voting ballot" from your town or city clerk. Register to vote and request your ballot before the end of the week to make sure your vote counts! For more information from the Secretary of State, visit www.sec.state.vt.us/elections/voters/absentee-voting.aspx.