First climate change initiative bill on appliances gets prelim OK in House

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First climate change initiative bill on appliances gets prelim OK in House

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 4:22pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine At the opening of the 2018 Legislative Session, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D-South Hero) charged each committee with working on legislation within their jurisdiction that lessens Vermont’s dependence on fossil fuels and sets Vermont up for a stronger, more resilient future. She called for solutions that work for our economy, and that protect low-income and rural Vermonters. Today, the House preliminarily approved H410, The Appliance Efficiency Bill on a vote of 137-4. This bill proposes to amend current Vermont energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment to include additional products that currently do not fall under federal energy efficiency standards.

“Last year we passed a bill that protects the standards that exist at the federal level, but were threatened by the Trump Administration and certain members of Congress,” said bill sponsor Representative Curt McCormack (D-Burlington). “This year’s legislation takes this a step further by adding eighteen new products to the State energy efficiency standards. In so doing, the State of Vermont joins thirteen other states in moving energy and water efficiency standards forward nationally. Additionally, this bill will cut Vermont’s carbon dioxide emissions by 33,000 metric tons each year, which is the equivalent to the emissions of approximately 7000 passenger cars per year. This supports Vermont’s economy and Vermonters’ pocketbooks by increasing average household savings in energy costs by over $660 each year.”

“This legislation aligns Vermont with the testing and standards agreed to by the Environmental Protection Agency, but that have not been published or placed in to effect by the Federal Administration,” Speaker Johnson said. “We know that climate change is the greatest threat to Vermont’s economy and to Vermonters’ health and safety. We also know we have an opportunity to take a measurable step forward that helps Vermonters and helps our state address emissions. This bill is a no-brainer for Vermont. Not only will this legislation reduce emissions, the money saved will also benefit Vermonters’ bottom line. With these additional products already available in stores and cost-effective to purchase, this is another smart step towards decreasing Vermont’s carbon footprint.”

Source: Office of the Speaker  1,31,2018