Mayor Weinberger responds to Attorney General Sessions

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Mayor Weinberger responds to Attorney General Sessions

Thu, 01/25/2018 - 9:21am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Mayor Miro Weinberger released the following statement Wednesday evening in response to Attorney General Sessions’ statement and the Department of Justice Letter over the status of immigration compliance among "sanctuary cities," of which Burlington is labelled as one: “Attorney General Sessions and President Trump can repeat and escalate their threats of arrests and subpoenas all they want – we will keep defending public safety in Burlington, standing up to federal overreach, and standing up for our values. The City of Burlington continues to maintain its compliance with federal civil immigration law section 1373, and categorically rejects AG Sessions’ false assertion that the City is in any way protecting criminals. Burlington police will continue to pursue the practices and policies that have made our city one of the safest and most welcoming cities in America, and we will resist the federal government’s unconstitutional attempt to deputize our officers as civil immigration agents.

“The City intends to supply the additional documents requested by the February 23 deadline and will continue to fully comply with the Justice Department’s inquiries.”

Source: Mayor 1.24.2018

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