Burlington activates on-call crew to fix potholes

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Burlington activates on-call crew to fix potholes

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 4:47pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Public Works called in a city crew on Sunday, January 21 to repair potholes using approximately two tons of material to improve road conditions throughout the city. Today, crews continued to be very active, including along Plattsburg Avenue, filling in potholes and delaminated segments of road. After tonight’s weather, crews will be addressing road conditions, including along North Avenue.

“There has clearly been significant weather-related deterioration on some important commuter and residential roadways, including Pine, Colchester, North and Plattsburg,” said Chapin Spencer, Director of Public Works. “We will continue sending crews out to fix these streets and help keep our residents as safe as possible on the roads. While tonight’s storm may pause some of this work, our plow crews will be on standby overnight to address any challenges before and during the morning commute.”

The City has significantly expanded its paving and sidewalk reinvestment with the help of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan and voter-approved infrastructure bonds, and many segments of roads affected by this winter’s weather have been built into DPW work plans for repaving during upcoming construction seasons.

Weather-Related Impacts and Remedies

Delamination has been a major challenge to many of the above-mentioned roads this winter - especially due to a harsh, near-record cold snap followed by an unseasonably warm thaw. Delaminated segments of road are often shallower than a pothole, but wider and longer. Flare-ups of delamination are more likely to occur during wet-weather events and freeze-thaw cycles. During the winter months, remedy material is limited to “cold-patch,” which binds less well to existing pavement and is prone to removal by weather and travel. In larger delaminated segments - such as on Pine Street - it is often not effective to apply this material. During spring, when asphalt plants reopen and the pavement temperature is consistently higher, city roads will benefit from “hot mix” asphalt repair - a more permanent and effective solution.

Schedule for Future Infrastructure Fixes

Pine Street was last paved nearly a decade ago, and while paving jobs may last up to 25 years, there are a variety of factors that can affect the lifecycle of a street. Subbase conditions, available material, plowing, soil and drainage conditions and weather may all affect a road’s condition over time. To take advantage of federal grant funding and relieve taxpayers of most of the expense, Pine Street is scheduled to be repaved in conjunction with the Champlain Parkway project in 1-2 years, and after significant upgrades to drinking water infrastructure this year.

Additionally, Colchester Ave (between Barrett Street and Nash Place) is scheduled to be repaved in 2018 following subsurface drinking water infrastructure upgrades. A key segment of Plattsburg Avenue is also scheduled for repaving during spring 2018.

Tonight’s Potential Storm Impacts

The forecast is calling for a mix of snow, ice and rain starting this evening and continuing into tomorrow. This weather may temporarily delay pavement work during the storm. However, Public Works crews will be on standby overnight to treat roads before and during the morning commute and throughout the day, as needed.

Resident Resources

●       Infrastructure Work: Please see www.burlingtonvt.gov/construction for more information on upcoming and ongoing infrastructure projects around the city.

●       Maintenance Issues: If you encounter a non-emergency maintenance issue, including pavement concerns, we encourage you to report these at www.seeclickfix.com. The City monitors these Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM.

●       Customer Service: Residents may always call 802-836-9094 (including after-hours answering service) or email DPW-PineCustomerService@burlingtonvt.gov. DPW also maintains a 24/7 help line for urgent water-related issues at 802-863-4501.

  • Snow Ban Line: Residents are encouraged to call 802-658-SNOW for information on parking bans and to look for the flashing parking lights, placed around the city.

Source: Burlington PWD 1.22.2018