Condos, Donovan push Legislature to protect Vermont voter data

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Condos, Donovan push Legislature to protect Vermont voter data

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:35am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine On January 16th, H.624 was introduced, proposing increased protections for Vermonters’ sensitive and personal data contained in the statewide voter checklist. H.624 is sponsored by Rep. Dylan Giambatista of Essex Junction. Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos and Attorney General TJ Donovan have underscored the importance to legislators of ensuring that Vermonters’ most sensitive personal data is protected in light of the request for sensitive data about Vermont voters from the President’s Election Integrity Commission.

“I refused to comply with the Commission’s request because I take the protection and security of Vermont voters’ personal data very seriously” said Secretary Condos, who responded to the initial request for voter data by saying “we cannot compromise the privacy of Vermont citizens to support the President’s witch hunt for widespread voter fraud, which has been disproven many times over by non-partisan experts.”

While the President’s Election Integrity Commission was dissolved by executive order on January 3rd of this year, statements by President Trump and former Chair Kobach indicate that the work will continue under cover of the Department of Homeland Security and without the public scrutiny that comes with a formal commission.

“Vermont has a long history of protecting people's privacy” said Attorney General TJ Donovan. “This bill continues that tradition. I stand with Secretary of State Condos in support of protecting Vermonters' privacy and thank him for his leadership on this issue.”

“H.624 will create increased protection of the statewide voter checklist, and I urge the Legislature to act quickly and pass this bill” said Secretary Condos.