Burlington School Board passes resolution on gun violence prevention

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Burlington School Board passes resolution on gun violence prevention

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 12:39pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine In a special board meeting on Monday, February 26th, the Burlington School District’s Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a “Resolution Related to Action on Gun-Related Violence Prevention.”

In part, the resolution reads:

“Whereas, we are local elected officials charged with ensuring the education, health, and safety of students on behalf of parents and our community, and therefore cannot accept the status quo that allows virtually unfettered access to guns in our State and results in these guns being used to kill and maim children;

"We, the Board of the Burlington School District, declare it resolved that our elected officials in the Vermont House and Senate must pass effective gun violence prevention legislation during the 2018 legislative session, and that Governor Scott must sign such legislation into law to take effect immediately.”

The resolution relays several concerns felt by board commissioners and voices support for specific pieces of legislation currently being considered in the Vermont House and Senate, among other measures. “We urge our legislators to immediately and swiftly act to keep our children alive.”  

Following the meeting, Board Chair Stephanie Seguino said, “Our city's children, parents, and teachers deserve to attend school and live in a community free from the fear of death or injury as a result of gun-related violence. The Board’s resolution calls on our elected officials to make the needed changes to ensure their safety.”

“As someone who has experienced gun violence in schools as both a student and an administrator, I know the toll that these events can take on everyone involved,” said Superintendent Yaw Obeng. “I am grateful that the board has decided to step up and use their platform and voice to support safer schools.”

The full resolution is below:

Source: 2.27.2018 www.bsdvt.org