Aspenti hosts Patient Appreciation Day in celebration of National Recovery Month

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Aspenti hosts Patient Appreciation Day in celebration of National Recovery Month

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 3:01am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Aspenti Health, an innovative, comprehensive clinical drug testing lab, will be hosting a Patient Appreciation Day at their Burlington Patient Service Center on September 25 in celebration of National Recovery Month. In alignment with Recovery Month’s theme of strengthening families and communities, Aspenti will bring their patient community together by hosting lunches for patients and their families. Members of the Aspenti leadership team will be in attendance to get to know patients, learn about their recovery journeys, and provide a network of support. 

“Creating an impact in our patients’ communities is the foundation of Aspenti’s social mission,” said, Aimee Marti, VP of Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility at Aspenti. “The journey to recovery is often met with obstacles - anxiety, unease, and stigma to name a few - however, it is a journey that should be celebrated and supported. Each patient we serve has their own story, and through these Patient Appreciation Days, we can celebrate those individual stories while also creating a lasting impact on the patient and the community.” 

Burlington Labs relaunches as Aspenti Health in July 2017. Mayor Miro Weinberger, Governor Phil Scott and CEO Chris Powell. VBM photo.

The Patient Appreciation Days, which are part of Aspenti’s Recovery Month Initiatives, align with the company’s social mission to enhance the quality of life for both patients and their communities through innovative programs and initiatives. Recovery isn’t an individual journey, but one that requires a strong support network. Communities can play a vital role in that support network by extending opportunities build meaningful connections through jobs, school, volunteerism, family caretaking, or creative endeavors. Each of these connections can help individuals in recovery meet their goals to achieve independence, maintain their sobriety, and rebuild their lives. Aspenti’s Patient Appreciation Days are just one way the organization is helping to build those connections. 

“When a person in recovery has strong connections and ties with family and community they feel empowered to meet their recovery goals,” said Marti. “By creating opportunities to strengthen those connections, Aspenti can have a direct impact on improving the lives of each patient we serve and the communities in which they live.” 

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About Aspenti Health: Aspenti Health is an innovative, comprehensive clinical drug testing lab that is seeking to redefine the role of the traditional healthcare testing partner. Led by healthcare professionals and employing people of recovery, Aspenti is focused on helping patients meet their recovery goals while creating a lasting impact through community involvement. Through enhanced treatment access and patient advocacy, Aspenti is dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Aspenti works hand-in- hand with care providers in order to better serve their mutual patients through patient-focused services such as mobile testing, data-driven digital health integration, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships with leading healthcare and research institutions.

Source: Burlington, VT - September 13, 2017— Aspenti Health